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Historic pregnancy leaves everyone in the delivery room stunned


Oksana Kobletskaya, a 36-year-old woman from Odessa, Ukraine, was thrilled to discover she was pregnant. Already a mother to a three-year-old daughter, she and her husband Sergey were excited to welcome another member to their family.

However, this seemingly ordinary pregnancy took a surprising turn, leaving people across the globe in awe.


Oksana and Sergey had not planned on having a large family; they both agreed that two children would be ideal, considering their means to support more. However, early in her pregnancy, Oksana sensed that she might be carrying more than one child, feeling that something was different.

She remarked, “No one in our family had ever been pregnant with twins. I was sure I would never experience anything like this,” as she shared her story with German news source Heftig.


However, this was just the beginning of an even bigger surprise. During her ultrasound, Oksana noticed the doctor’s frown, which indicated something unexpected. She then received astonishing news.

Oksana recalls the tense moment, saying, “When I saw the shock on the doctor’s face, my heart stopped for a moment.” She went on to share the doctor’s reaction, “Then I heard him mumble something along the lines of: ‘You deserve to have a big house by the sea…'”


The doctor then clarified his statement, revealing, “I can see five fetuses, maybe six. It’s hard to tell.” As it turned out, Oksana was expecting quintuplets—an extremely rare occurrence, with only 1 in 47,458,321 pregnancies resulting in five babies.

While Oksana attempted to process the astounding news, the doctor, almost ecstatic, rushed around the hospital. No one at the facility had ever witnessed a case like this before.

However, the news wasn’t all joyous for Oksana and Sergey. Oksana recalls, “It almost felt like a nightmare, as though I would wake up at any moment.” The couple found themselves concerned about the future and realized they would need to alter their plans significantly.


Sergey said, “It takes time to process this kind of news. I mean, how would we manage to take care of so many children?” The couple faced the challenge of adapting to their new reality.

Upon arriving at the delivery room, Oksana was met by eight doctors who were prepared for the extraordinary delivery. She recalls, “They treated me like I was made of porcelain— they were extremely cautious.”

Oksana delivered three boys and two girls via C-section. Given the significant risks associated with such a pregnancy, the doctors were prepared for potential complications. However, when it was all over, they confirmed that five healthy, happy babies had been born, albeit a little premature.


The quintuplets, Daria, Alexandra, Denis, Vladislav, and David, became instant celebrities. Their birth was historic as they were the first quintuplets born in Ukraine, according to The Mirror. Oksana and Sergey have embraced the challenge of raising such a large family.

People often stop and greet the family with fascination and happiness. The family recently moved to a bigger apartment, with local authorities assisting in the process. Oksana shares pictures of their “five treasures” and their adorable older sister on her Instagram account.

Despite their unexpected journey, the family is bound to have a bright and happy future. With so much love in their lives and the support of thousands of strangers, they are sure to thrive.