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Twins separated at birth have a tearful reunion 66 years later—get your tissues


Growing up, I was lucky to live with all my siblings. We played and argued a lot, but now those memories make me smile. However, not everyone has this experience.

Some kids live apart from their brothers or sisters because their parents move. Even more surprising, some don’t even know they have siblings!

Jennifer and Kathleen from the UK are twins who were separated at birth. More than 60 years ago, their single mother had them but faced a tough choice because of the pressures of being unwed. Their journey of separation and discovery is a powerful reminder of family bonds and societal challenges.

Reports say the mother already had a son and lived with her parents. When she had twin girls, she faced a tough choice because of money problems and how society viewed her situation back then. Unable to take her daughters home, she had to give them up for adoption.


Jennifer and Kathleen were adopted close by without even knowing it. Jennifer lived just two houses away from their birth home, while Kathleen lived a few miles off in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Amazingly, they were so close and even had the same dentist but never realized they were sisters!

Jennifer grew up thinking her biological mom was just a family friend named “Eva.” It was only when she turned 11 that a cousin told her the truth, which must have been a big surprise. On the other hand, Kathleen had no idea about her twin or her true origins and thought she was an only child.

The TV show “Long Lost Family” in the UK helps reunite family members who’ve been separated. When the show heard about Jennifer and Kathleen’s story, they reached out to help. In 2010, they contacted Kathleen, who was then 66 years old, starting her on a journey to learn the truth about her family and her twin sister.

After 60 years apart, Jennifer and Kathleen finally met and immediately connected. They found out they had so much in common and wanted to catch up on all the missed years. Now, they hang out often, whether it’s grabbing a coffee or going shopping together. It’s like they’ve always been a part of each other’s lives.

Jennifer and Kathleen aren’t the only ones reconnecting – their families have joined in too, even going on joint holidays. Kathleen’s son says that meeting her twin has brought new joy to her life. Kathleen shared her feelings, saying, “I’ve thought about Kath every day… It was fantastic meeting her.” There’s a touching video about their reunion that captures the emotion of the moment. It’s truly heartwarming to see family reunite like this. If you’re touched by their story, consider sharing it with others.