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Two-year-old girl dressed up as Queen Elizabeth received a letter of thanks from Buckingham Palace


The life of Queen Elizabeth II was one that people all over the world loved. People all over the world have been mourning Queen Elizabeth II. They are reflecting on her historic life since her death last week.

I will share one adorable story from last year that reminds us of her impact on people of all ages. The ability to create unforgettable memories was also worth noting. It is all over the world that every Halloween, many people dress up in amusing and creative costumes. But how many can be “fit for a queen’s costume”?

The young girl caught the attention of Queen Elizabeth. Her Halloween costume also warmed the hearts of people who saw the posts on social media. Two-year-old Jalayne Sutherland, from Kentucky, dressed as Queen Elizabeth II for Halloween last year. She showed it well.

Sutherland is so many years younger than the Queen. She got into the heart of the queen and her dress and nailed the historic signature look. The kid wore a white wig, pearls, and the type of coat and hat outfit Queen Elizabeth wore.

The royal and her young lookalike have one thing in common: they both adore their Corgis.
The Queen is famous for her lifelong love of the dog breed. She’s had corgis since the 1930s, and they have always brought her great comfort and joy. Jalayne is also the proud owner of two Corgi dogs, who accompanied her on Halloween to help her finish the look.

Katelyn Jalayne’s mother shared photos of her adorable costume on social media. The pictures received good remarks and a good following, so they sent them to Buckingham Palace. A few weeks later, she received a letter from the royal office, much to her surprise.
The Hon. Dame Mary Anne Morrison, the royal long-serving lady-in-waiting, wrote the letter.

The letter expressed how grateful and thoughtful they were about the young lad’s photograph in her magnificent outfit. Her Majesty wished them all a Merry Christmas, and information about royal pets that would interest Jalayne was also enclosed. The Sutherlands received the response and expressed their gratitude for the thoughtful letter.

2021 was the year Queen Elizabeth lost her husband of more than 70 years, Prince Philip, in April. She also began reducing her official duties due to health concerns. The toddler’s embrace of her dress code made her happy.

The costumes were cute, and the heart-meltingly fascinating thing was the exciting letter from Buckingham Palace from the royalty herself! It will be a letter that this 2-year-old will treasure for the rest of his life.

This gesture was excellent. The fact that the Queen was so taken with this little girl’s adorable costume and went out of her way to have a letter sent was so kind and royalty.

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