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Al Roker’s recent health update—has another surgery just months after previous major health issue


In recent months, Today Show meteorologist Al Roker has faced multiple health challenges. After being hospitalized for blood clots in his lungs and legs, he took a break from his role on the show. Following weeks of treatment, Roker returned to the screen, seemingly in good health.

However, the 68-year-old media personality has taken another break for health reasons. Roker underwent a total knee replacement surgery on Tuesday and is currently in recovery. Fans hope for a smooth recovery and anticipate his return to the Today Show once he has recuperated.

Al Roker shared a video on social media to update his fans on his progress after the knee surgery. In the video, he is seen walking slowly in a hospital hallway, demonstrating the movement of his new knee.


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In the caption, Roker thanked his doctors and mentioned that he was using a negative pressure pump to aid wound healing. The video featured Dire Straits’ “Walk of Life” playing in the background.

In addition, Roker shared a heartfelt slideshow of photos with his wife, ABC News journalist Deborah Roberts, taken during various hospital visits over the past few years. He playfully captioned the post, suggesting that the couple needed to find a different way to spend time together. Fans appreciated the updates and continue to wish Roker a speedy recovery.

Roberts responded to his playful caption with a positive affirmation. She also shared photos of Roker’s recent hospital stay, highlighting the second part of his health journey. In her post, Roberts expressed gratitude for the skilled medical team that helped Roker get back on his feet with a new knee and a renewed sense of confidence following this significant challenge.


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She emphasized moving forward with “grit, gratitude, and grace” and acknowledged the outpouring of well-wishes, prayers, and the blessing of quality healthcare. Fans continue to support the couple during Roker’s recovery journey and look forward to seeing him back on the Today Show.

Al Roker’s recent health struggles have been challenging for both him and his wife Deborah Roberts. During his last illness, Roberts described her husband’s condition as “very, very critical,” and revealed that coping with one health crisis after another was one of the most exhausting and difficult experiences she had ever faced. The couple, who have been married since 1995, share two children together, Leila and Nicholas.

Despite the hardships, the 62-year-old ABC journalist found a valuable lesson in the experience. She realized that when faced with adversity, people can rise to the occasion and do whatever is necessary. While she hopes no other family has to endure such a situation, her resilience serves as an inspiration to others in similar circumstances.

“My whole family, after the crisis subsided, we almost collapsed,” she explained. “We didn’t realize the adrenaline rush of running and gunning every day to look after him. I didn’t appreciate how tough it was until the fog had started to clear and the dust was starting to settle. That’s when I realized how hard it was. Get it done, get him well, take care of him: That was my goal.”

Al Roker remains passionate about his work on the Today Show and has no plans to retire. He shared a story about his father, who retired from his job as a bus driver at 55 years old because he no longer enjoyed it. However, Roker’s experience on the Today Show has been fulfilling, and he looks forward to it every day. He cherishes the interactions with the audience, crew, and producers, making it difficult to imagine giving it up.

Fans are relieved to see Roker recovering and eagerly anticipate his return to the television screen. As they wish him a speedy recovery, they can share this health update with friends and family to keep everyone informed about Roker’s progress.