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Alfonso Ribeiro ‘Fresh Prince’ actor, posts heartbreaking photo of daughter a day before she turns 4


Alfonso Ribeiro and his wife, Angela Ribeiro, recently shared updates on their daughter Ava Sue’s condition through social media.

The young girl had to undergo emergency surgery on May 12 after falling from her sit-down scooter the day before her 4th birthday, according to reports. The accident resulted in significant bruising and burns on her right elbow, shoulder, and around her right eye.

Alfonso expressed his gratitude to the medical team at Kare MD Skin Health for their care and support. He also praised Ava’s bravery throughout the ordeal, showing his pride in her courage during this challenging time.

Alfonso Ribeiro, known for his role in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, shared his feelings on Instagram about his daughter’s accident, expressing that it was not the kind of event anyone would want just before turning 4. He thanked Kare MD Skin Health for their emergency service and for conducting a procedure that would reduce the chances of scarring. He also expressed his pride in how bravely his daughter faced the surgery.

Ava’s mother, Angela, provided more insight into the incident. She mentioned that on the morning of Ava’s accident, she had a premonition or “motherly intuition” that her daughter might be at risk. She even cautioned her family, babysitter, and friends who were preparing for Ava’s birthday party to avoid any potentially dangerous activities to prevent an emergency room visit. She insisted that everyone took her warning seriously.

Despite Angela’s warning, Ava’s accident occurred when she fell off her scooter not long after. To minimize the risk of future scarring, Ava was taken to Kare MD Skin Health and treated by Dr. Raffy after hours.

Angela shared that it was not an enjoyable way to spend Ava’s last day as a 3-year-old, but her daughter showed great resilience. She concluded by mentioning that they would give Ava some extra cuddles that night to comfort her.

Kare MD Skin Health also shared a message on their Instagram page on May 12, wishing Ava a happy birthday. They expressed their gratitude to Alfonso for his kind words and conveyed their honor in taking care of Ava. The team wished her a quick recovery.

It’s certainly a frightening experience when our children get hurt. Thankfully, Alfonso and Angela’s daughter is recovering well. It’s not uncommon for parents to have memories of their children experiencing accidents, and it’s natural to feel worried and concerned during those times.