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Blind Woman with Albinism Breaks Barriers as a Swimmer and Pageant Winner-Very ‘strong’


Individuals must go against the grain and avoid limiting themselves to disabilities. Everyone was created by God for a reason. We should concentrate on what we can do rather than our physical limitations.

Meet Mackenzie Strong, a blind albino woman who wants to educate others. She balances being Vice President of the Student Body and Vice President of her literary society at Illinois College. She studies history and secondary education, as well as competitive swimming. Mackenzie’s albinism is a superpower that she uses to navigate life.

Strong is the current Miss Round Lake Area 2022. Strong came in first runner-up in her first pageant, which gave her confidence a boost. Her public speaking and stage presence has improved, as have her interview skills.

She has been interested in educating others about albinism since she was a child. Strong encountered others who shared her condition. Her mother befriended an albino photographer on Facebook, and they became friends.

She has thousands of TikTok followers and is on her way to populating Instagram. Despite some criticism, she remains committed to educating others. She also faced bullying and stigma at school.

Strong claims that after she won, her swimming team stopped talking to her. She had been swimming with this group of girls for four years. Mackenzie Mackenzie won first place in the blind student category. The distinction could have fueled the shift in attitude.

She was the clear winner in this category. She was competing against people who did not have physical disabilities.

Strong wishes to normalize her disability in light of her own experiences. To ensure fairness, Paralympic athletes compete against others with the same disability.

Mackenzie encourages people to provide opportunities for disabled people. She describes how her lifting coach denied her participation due to her medical condition. This seemed unfair to her because she had been lifting for four years.

She is involved in a variety of projects, including VIDA (Visible Invisible Disability Advocates). Strong chose “Diversity Includes Disability” for the production of her literary society. The project raises disability awareness, reduces stigma, and promotes accessibility. Strong plans to read more books about disabled children to her community’s students. She is excited to ensure that these stories are available in local libraries.

She faces difficulties convincing people that her condition does not limit her. Contrary to popular belief, she intends to become a teacher. Society never imagined that blind people could work as teachers.

She is eager to take over as head of the special education department. As a special student, the role will allow her to provide all of the resources she lacked.

According to Strong, society has come a long way in ensuring that special children are treated equally. She claims to be a part of the change, which melts her heart.

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