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Conjoined twin Abby Hensel has privately married a veteran of the United States Army


Abby Hensel, along with her conjoined twin sister Brittany, first captured the nation’s heart in the mid-1990s. Recently, an uplifting chapter has unfolded in Abby’s life, marked by love, commitment, and the continuation of a journey shared with her sister Brittany.

Abby has tied the knot with Josh Bowling, a revelation that echoes the extraordinary in the everyday and celebrates the power of love to transcend all differences.

Born on March 7, 1990, in the serene landscapes of Minnesota, Abby and Brittany Hensel’s arrival into the world was a story of unity and singularity. The twins, known medically as dicephalus conjoined twins, share a torso but have distinct heads and personalities. Their unique condition meant they each control one side of their shared body, with Abby commanding the right and Brittany the left. This extraordinary coordination and mutual understanding have defined their lives, from the simplicity of walking and clapping to the complexities of driving and teaching.

The decision of their parents to not separate them, despite the option being on the table, was rooted in the high risks involved and a belief in the twins’ inherent strength and capability to lead a fulfilling life together. This choice has been vindicated time and again, as Abby and Brittany have not just survived but thrived, painting their narrative with the vibrant colors of resilience, determination, and joy.

Their journey from a curiosity-invoking appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show to becoming beloved educators in Minnesota has been nothing short of remarkable. The duo’s reality series, “Abby & Brittany,” offered the world a glimpse into their adventures, dreams, and the incredible dynamic that allows them to live such a full life. It’s this very dynamic that has brought us to the heartwarming news of Abby’s marriage to Josh Bowling, a nurse and Army veteran, in 2021.

Josh Bowling, the man who has captured Abby’s heart, steps into a life that is as unique as it is filled with love. Their union just shows the fact that love knows no bounds, thriving on the connections that bind us, rather than the differences that might seem to divide. Abby and Brittany, who have navigated life with grace, humor, and an unbreakable bond, now embrace a new chapter that includes Josh as a cherished partner and companion on their journey.

As fifth-grade teachers, Abby and Brittany continue to inspire those around them, embodying the ideals of unity, cooperation, and the unyielding pursuit of happiness.

To Abby, Brittany, and Josh, we extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for a future filled with peace, happiness, and endless possibilities. May their lives together inspire others to see beyond the surface, recognizing the beauty in our shared humanity and the strength that comes from love.