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Dedicated mom determined to prove to daughter with rare birthmark that she is beautiful


Every person is wonderfully unique and unarguably beautiful, each in our distinct ways. As humans, our beauty lies in our differences, an aspect we’re gradually embracing and celebrating more with each passing year.

For Nicole Lucas Hallson, this understanding is central to her life as she nurtures her two children, Asher and Winry. But her mission goes beyond parenting; she wants to change perceptions, making a case for imperfections as a marker of perfection.


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Hallson’s youngest, Winry, was born with a rare birthmark, a circumstance that Hallson takes as an opportunity to reinforce the concept of inherent beauty. She is determined to instill in her daughter and others, the understanding that one’s individual features, even if uncommon, are elements of beauty in themselves. Through this, Hallson contributes to a broader conversation on accepting and rejoicing in our unique traits, asserting that her daughter is beautiful, birthmark and all.

According to Good Morning America, Winry Hall was born with a rare birthmark called congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN). This condition, present at just 13 months old, causes her to look noticeably different from other children as it covers a quarter of her face. This unexpected occurrence presented an unusual childhood journey for Winry and her family.

Nicole, a teacher by profession, was initially taken aback when Winry was handed to her post-delivery in February 2021. The appearance of her daughter’s skin condition was unexpected as she had experienced a regular pregnancy. The sight of the rare birthmark was startling, sparking concern as she hadn’t anticipated her daughter having a skin condition.


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In a blog post, Nicole reminisces about her fairly typical pregnancy experience. She suffered from morning sickness from weeks 8 to 14 but, aside from the usual fatigue in the last month, she reported feeling well.

It was likely the medical team who first noticed Winry’s congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN) at birth. However, their primary focus was on celebrating the successful and speedy delivery, leaving Nicole in the dark about her newborn’s unique feature. They reassured Nicole that Winry was in good health with all vital signs within the normal range.

Once Nicole had the opportunity to nurse and bond with her newborn, she took a closer look at Winry. Initially, Nicole mistook the significant marking on Winry’s head for a bruise, signifying the beginning of her journey to understand her daughter’s rare condition.

Nicole and her husband soon realized that the mark on Winry’s head wasn’t a bruise. To Nicole, it resembled a large mole. On her blog, Nicole expresses the worry that overwhelmed her once the excitement of labor had passed. The uniqueness of the marking, its mole-like appearance, and the silence of the medical staff ignited concern for her newborn’s health. Uncertain about what questions to ask, she decided to embrace and shower her daughter with love.


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The National Organization for Rare Diseases describes congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN) as potentially appearing as light brown or black patches that can occur anywhere on the body and can be of any size. This description seemed to resonate with the appearance of Winry’s birthmark.

Nicole and her partner have embarked on a mission to celebrate Winry’s uniqueness and to inspire others to find pride, not shame, in their differences. They believe that highlighting these distinctions can lead to greater acceptance and understanding.

Hall has found value in sharing Winry’s story, acknowledging that for many people, it might be their first encounter with such a birthmark. She views these discussions as important for parents to have with their children, emphasizing the diversity among children and the beauty in these differences. Moreover, for parents who have a child with a unique feature like Winry’s birthmark, seeing their child’s characteristics represented can bring comfort and affirmation.

Winry’s birthmark potentially heightens her risk of melanoma, a form of skin cancer, prompting her parents to take extra care in protecting her skin. Nicole expressed a more profound concern about the possibility of her daughter facing bullying as she grows up due to her unique appearance.


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Speaking to Good Morning America, Hall detailed their family’s precautions, emphasizing their focus on Winry’s health and happiness. They ensure Winry is regularly protected with sunscreen and hats to shield her skin from harmful sun exposure. Hall also noted their anticipation of frequent dermatology appointments being an integral part of Winry’s upbringing, ensuring her health remains closely monitored.

Winry embraces life as a joyful and energetic little girl, embodying all the innocent charm typical of a baby. Her carefree spirit and infectious laughter paint the picture of an exceedingly happy child.

Hall is overjoyed by Winry’s exuberant personality, noting her already burgeoning communication skills. Even without a broad vocabulary, Winry communicates assertively, showing signs of a lively, strong-willed character that promises to keep her parents on their toes.

Embracing differences and celebrating individuality is vital, and mockery or disdain should never shadow uniqueness. Winry is a shining testament to this sentiment – a truly special girl who embodies beauty not just in her appearance but also in her vibrant spirit.