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Dolph Lundgren, 65, announces terminal cancer diagnosis


Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren, widely recognized for his role as Ivan Drago in the Rocky movies, has recently opened up about his secret battle with cancer over the years. Lundgren finally spoke about his diagnosis, indicating that his condition has now become terminal.

Initially, doctors discovered a kidney tumor in Lundgren eight years ago, which was successfully removed. Although follow-up scans were clear for a few years, the situation took a turn for the worse in 2020 when an MRI revealed the presence of multiple tumors.

Dolph Lundgren shared his experience with cancer during an interview on In Depth With Graham Bensinger. He mentioned that a kidney tumor was removed in 2015, which was later found to be cancerous. After years of clear scans, Lundgren faced the harsh reality when a second tumor was discovered in his liver in 2020.

Initially, it was hoped that the tumor could be removed similarly to the first one. Unfortunately, it had grown too large for surgery, and the cancer spread to his lungs, spine, liver, and stomach. Lundgren was eventually informed that his cancer was terminal.

The 65-year-old actor recounted asking his doctor about how much time he had left. Although the doctor estimated two to three years, Lundgren sensed that it might be less based on the doctor’s tone. Lundgren expressed feeling more sorrow for his loved ones, including his fiancée Emma Krokdal, 25, and his daughters Ida Lundgren, 26, and Greta Lundgren, 21, than for himself.


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“So I kinda asked him y’know ‘how long do you think I have got left?’” the 65-year-old recalled. “I think he said two or three years but I could tell in his voice that he probably thought it was less.”

Dolph Lundgren decided to seek a second opinion, and within three months, the tumors began to shrink. The actor is now undergoing the removal of remaining scar tissue from the tumors. Lundgren shared his hope that after the removal, there will be no cancer activity and the medication he’s taking will suppress any further issues.

Lundgren’s oncologist expressed optimism, stating, “I hope it’s years. I don’t think it’s months.” The doctor’s goal is to keep Lundgren on his current medication for as long as possible while monitoring his condition with biopsies to identify new targets for treatment as needed.


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Dolph Lundgren, who played the antagonist in 1985’s Rocky IV, confessed to using steroids in his past and wondered if it could be linked to his cancer. Although unsure, Lundgren acknowledged the possibility of a connection between the two.

As Dolph Lundgren continues his fight against cancer, we wish him the very best. We hope that one day a cure for cancer can be found, benefiting people all around the world.