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Heroic mom saves baby by tossing her out of second-story window moments before her own tragic death


Shelby Ann Carter, a 21-year-old new mother from Wyoming, Illinois, displayed extraordinary courage and love in the face of a tragic house fire.

Shelby, who had recently welcomed her daughter into the world in January 2017, was alone at home with her baby when disaster struck.

Facebook / Shelby Ann

On January 30, 2017, their home suddenly caught fire. The flames spread quickly, filling the house with smoke. Shelby had no way to escape, but she remained focused on saving her daughter.

In a remarkable act of bravery, Shelby strapped her newborn, Keana, into a car seat. She then dropped the car seat out of a second-floor window, ensuring her baby’s safety even as she faced imminent danger. Tragically, Shelby succumbed to the smoke and passed away.

Facebook / Shelby Ann

Firefighters, arriving to battle the blaze, found Keana unharmed outside the house, thanks to Shelby’s quick thinking. The little girl was taken to the hospital, but she was completely unscathed by the smoke and fire.

“It’s incredible that she could think so clearly to save her baby. It’s nothing short of a miracle,” said Ed Foglesonger, Chief of the Wyoming-Speer Fire Protection District.

Facebook / Shelby Ann

Shelby’s death was a tremendous loss for the small town of Wyoming, home to just 1,400 people. The community rallied together to support Shelby’s family, raising nearly $40,000 to help them rebuild and cope with their loss.

Shelby Carter’s final act of love and sacrifice for her daughter is a poignant reminder of a mother’s boundless love. Though Keana will grow up without her mother, she will always carry the legacy of Shelby’s bravery and selflessness.

Facebook / Shelby Ann

Our thoughts and prayers remain with Shelby’s family as they mourn the loss of this heroic mother. Her story is a testament to the profound and unconditional love a mother has for her child.