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Hilarious Toddler Has His Father Crying Of Laughter during Potty Training


Any parent will tell you that potty training can be tough, and for Dani and Greg DeVito, training little Matt has its moments. The couple can tell that their child is big-hearted and charming. But this fact was brought out well on a random home video taken during a potty session.

In the video, Greg is seen having a conversation with his adorable son. He asks the little guy whether he has pooped, and Matty replies that he had only peed. The hilarious part is not the words, but in how he says it. Matt adopts a voice as if imitating a TV character, and repeatedly says he has peed and not pooped. This hilarious voice is accompanied by corresponding hand gestures.

As the conversation between father and son carries on, Matt doesn’t break character, and repeatedly denies pooping. The scene is so hilarious; Greg laughs so hard that he starts to cry. The concerned toddler asks his father if he is sad, to which he tries to explain that he is crying because he is happy. The toddler seemed to understand the concept, then carries on with the voice thing.

According to Dani, Matt had been using the voice for about 2 minutes before she whipped up the camera. The video shows the funny toddler atop a toilet, engrossed in a conversation with his dad.

This was a first for the parents. Dani said that they had never heard him do the voice before, and they weren’t entirely sure where he got it from. To them, this was a rare occurrence in their household. While he is generally a goofy kid, he never uses voices. He has only used that voice again a few times, and only after seeing the video.

Dani shared the video of their adorable son’s potty talk online, and it went viral! Apart from the millions of views, the video was re-tweeted by celebrities such as Kristen Bell and Alyssa Milano, who refueled its popularity. The story was also shared on multiple magazines such as Scary Mommy.

The best thing is that this little goofy kid has no idea that he is an internet star. His dad just tells him he is funny, and he takes it as it is and moves on with his activities. The DeVitos are peacefully raising their son to be a compassionate member of the society.