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Woman rented a home for over 20 years but didn’t anticipate the kind landlord leaving the house to her

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Woman rented a home for over 20 years but didn’t anticipate the kind landlord leaving the house to her

For more than 20 years, Jane Sayner had been renting a lovely house in Melbourne. When she learned that the landlord intended to leave it to her, she experienced the shock of her life.

In a local newspaper 23 years ago, Sayner was looking through listings for a home. In St. Albans, northwest of Melbourne, she found a two-bedroom apartment that she fell in love with right away.

She considered the lovely, comfortable home with the garden to be perfect for her. She had moved into the neighborhood and had been paying her landlord, John Perrett, $200 every week. The yard, according to Sayner, was empty when she first moved in; however, by adding numerous plants and flowers, she transformed it into a lovely and vibrant garden.

Woman rented a home for over 20 years but didn't anticipate the kind landlord leaving the house to her

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He loved helping others and helping the community. Over the course of his 83-year life, Perrett accumulated millions of dollars, which he kindly gave to those who were less fortunate.

After receiving a Parkinson’s diagnosis, Perrett moved into a nursing home a few years ago. One day he called Sayner and broke the most shocking news to her: he was giving the house to her.

He called me one day and asked for my full name because he was leaving the apartment for her. “I want you to talk to my lawyer; he is here right now,” Sayner recalled.

Sayner found Perrett’s recent statement hard to believe. She even questioned her own abilities and believed she had misheard.

She was fortunate that it was genuine. Since Sayner had lived there for more than 20 years without considering leaving, Perrett could tell how much she treasured it. He chose to give it to her as a gift as a result of this.

It appears that Perrett had additional assets in addition to his home. He never got married and was an only child.

After working in pharmacies for many years, he sold the business and used the proceeds to fund a number of projects.

Thirty years after receiving a kidney transplant at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Perrett gave $19.6 million to the nephrology division of the hospital.

Perrett is so selfless and generous that words almost never do him justice, according to Professor Nigel Toussiant of the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

A request like this made the hospital extremely grateful. It was described as absolutely amazing by the Royal Melbourne Hospital department.

Until Perrett’s death, the kidney transplant, according to Toussiant, lasted more than 30 years.

Toussiant stated that he was undoubtedly appreciative of the care he received from all of the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. “To stop him from receiving dialysis was, in my opinion, a gift that saved his life,” Toussiant said.

Long-term support for the hospital will come from Perrett’s kind gift, which will benefit both the hospital and its patrons. The installation of memorial plaques in Perrett’s honor is another idea they are considering.

Sayner will always cherish his memories of the landlord’s generosity and kindness. She insisted that Perrett is a person she always remembers to thank. She will be grateful to him for the rest of her life. In private, she just wants to thank John.

Watch the video below for more information on this heartwarming story.

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