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Young boy who went viral while battling cancer gets all clear and is back in school


Unfortunately, cancer is a health problem that a lot of people may have to face in their lifetime. Even if we don’t experience it personally, there’s a good chance that someone we care about, or someone we have a strong connection with, will be affected by this awful illness.

In 2019, Kaitlin Burge shared a photo on social media of her son Beckett, who was two years old at the time, receiving chemotherapy while being comforted by his older sister. Beckett was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia on April 25, 2018, and started treatment right away. Beckett’s sister, Aubrey, who was four years old at the time, had to watch as her younger brother had a hard time due to his illness.

Kaitlin shared with Bright Side that her son, Beckett, had to stay in the hospital for 35 days to receive cancer treatment. During this time, Beckett’s sister Aubrey was unable to visit him. Even though she knew Beckett was very ill and receiving medical attention, it was hard for Aubrey to understand what was happening.

Thankfully, Beckett’s treatment was successful and he is now cancer-free. Kaitlin remarked on how strong both her children were throughout the experience. Beckett remained positive even during his difficult time, and Aubrey grew more independent despite the emotional strain of seeing her brother so sick.

Facebook/Beckett Strong 

Kaitlin also mentioned that it was hard for Aubrey to see her best friend and brother in such a vulnerable state, and that no sibling should have to go through that. “I watched my only son go through so much and still smile. I watched my sweet Aubrey push through a difficult time in her life and become so independent,” Kaitlin explained.

Beckett has successfully overcome his cancer after battling it for two years, and is now able to attend school. Kaitlin shared that he is doing well, has finished his treatment, and is now in first grade. Beckett’s older sister has been a great source of support throughout his difficult journey, and we can only imagine how happy she must be that her brother is now healthy.

Facebook/ Kaitlin Burge

Beckett’s story can inspire us and help us see our own problems in a different light.

It’s important to remember that difficult times won’t last forever, and there is usually something good waiting for us after we get through them. Beckett’s successful fight against cancer is a great example of this.

Cancer is a terrible illness, and we hope to find a way to eliminate it completely in the future.