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5 Year Old’s Cute Moves Steal the Show at a Pre –K Graduation Ceremony


Graduations are joyful events filled with smiles, cheers and a lot of dancing. The joy of the achievement is fresh and exciting, regardless of age. For 5-year-old Aubrey Christina Toby, the graduation was an event worth celebrating. This particular celebration was held in Durham, North Carolina.

During the graduation, Aubrey is seen dancing to ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ by Justin Timberlake as she waves her diploma. While to anyone else it is just pre-school, to her, it’s a big moment that she can’t just let pass by without celebrating. She grooves to the song and even does a brief spin as she exited the stage.

Malcolm Toby, Aubrey’s father, said that their daughter has always had that “it” factor, which is also apparent in the photos she took with her sister Ava just before the graduation. She has always had a vibrant, strong personality that showed through her actions. On this particular day, Aubrey put on a mini-performance, partly because she was bored and was getting tired of waiting in line.

Malcolm further explains that even when she was younger, she always grooved to music and seemed to enjoy the spotlight. Her mom wasn’t surprised that she had the moves at the graduation. Her proud uncle, Merle Murrain, was just happy his niece was graduating, so he took a video of the occasion and shared it online. He did not know that it would go viral, with many complimenting Aubrey and calling her a natural performer.

According to the family, Aubrey likes to perform for them. “She just likes to have fun”, said Malcolm as he explained how his little girl puts effort into her performances as if she was in a Beyoncé concert.