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Luke Combs reimburses two young people who collected wood to pay for concert tickets


Early learning about the value of money is crucial for children. When youngsters desire something, it might be more rewarding for children to work for it rather than persuade their parents to pay.

Recently, two young children worked incredibly hard to pay for the tickets to their favorite country artist’s concert by themselves. It paid off significantly when they received a special shout-out from the singer.

One of the top country music stars right now is Luke Combs. His best-known songs include When It Rains It Pours, Beautiful Crazy, and Beer Never Broke My Heart.

Photo Courtesy of Luke Combs

Bo Fenderson, 12, and his pal Tanner, also 12, knew they had to attend the concert scheduled for Bangor, Maine. But the cost of concert tickets is high.

The boys could only go if they could afford the tickets themselves, so the parents made a bargain with them. The young people promptly got to work and were hired to stack wood.

After earning $100 each, the boys were on their way to see Luke Combs in concert. They managed to secure first-class tickets not far from the stage, and by holding up a poster explaining their journey, they made sure everyone realized how hard they had to work to be there.

Their poster stated, “We made $100 by stacking five cords of wood and buying two Luke Combs tickets.” He sounds great, man. Oh, but our fathers were mistaken. They swore it was a waste of time. My 12th birthday is today, and, Lord, when it rains, it pours.

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Brown

Luke Combs himself noticed the sign and interrupted his performance in the middle of it to give the youngsters a special shout-out.

When he stopped to talk to the lads, he was astounded by how much money they had made on their own and decided to take unusual action.

He dug into his pocket, took out $140 in cash, and handed it to them as payment. Right now, I have 140. Pay yourselves back if you want that. Combs promises to get you more.
He approached us, and we managed to meet him. “I thought it was cool,” Bo said to TV5.

The country performer later met up with the boys and their families backstage and took a photo with the kids. The country singer went above and beyond to make their parents’ night even more memorable, which moved their parents.

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Brown

Desiree told TV5, “He’s a tremendous role model to take the time and do that, and honor what they did.” The rest of the crew also worked to make it happen. They were making an effort to track down the boys and us to keep our promise to them.

These young people not only attended a concert they will never forget but also gained insight into the value of perseverance.
Hard work and kindness are the two things in life that matter most, according to Bo.

Tanner added, “Work is rewarded.”

Luke Combs has developed a reputation for being incredibly kind to his concertgoers. He recently made news after refunding the audience for a concert because his voice wasn’t in the best condition, although he played the entire event.

What a charming tale. These young people experienced a wonderful moment with their favorite performers in addition to learning the value of hard work.