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Huge 12-foot snake comes out of toilet—startles house owner


Snakes, mesmerizing yet frightening, are best appreciated in their natural settings. The thought of one slithering into a house is a chilling prospect for many. Now, consider the absolute terror of encountering a gigantic 12-foot python in your own toilet; an unimaginable scenario turned real for a family in Thailand.

The incident, which occurred on March 17 in Samut Prakan, Thailand, saw a massive python unexpectedly emerge from a family’s toilet. This shocking encounter quickly became a sensation, with photos documenting the unnerving event making rounds on the internet and garnering widespread attention.

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After the startling discovery of the enormous python in their bathroom, the terrified family immediately called for a wildlife rescue team to help remove the lengthy reptile from the confines of their toilet plumbing system.

According to a report by News Flare, the incident transpired when housewife Suwi Paramas was tidying up after using the toilet. As she washed her hands, she was confronted with the alarming sight of a massive yellow python materializing from the toilet bowl, sending a jolt of terror through her. Overwhelmed with fear, Suwi bolted from the room, her screams reverberating through the house and alerting her husband and brother-in-law to the dire situation.

In response to the emergency, a wildlife team was quickly dispatched to the family’s home. The video footage from the scene reveals the team using a specific tool to handle the snake. Despite the strenuous efforts of two members trying to extract the python, their attempts were in vain. The reptile proved to be a slippery adversary, making it difficult to get a solid hold on it, which further complicated the situation.

“I was so scared. I couldn’t even watch why they were catching the snake. It could have killed me,” Suwi conveyed her fear, as reported by News Flare. After much deliberation, the family gave their approval to the drastic measure of breaking the ceramic toilet basin. The python was still lodged in the curved section of the plumbing, the u-bend, but the situation demanded urgent action.

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Despite breaking the basin, the python’s considerable size still made its extraction a challenge. Unable to remove it directly, the wildlife team had to disassemble the plumbing system. They then retrieved the snake from the opposite side, cautiously maneuvering it out to safeguard both the creature and the remaining plumbing structure.

The situation could have escalated dangerously, but the professional handling by the wildlife team averted further complications. Fortunately, no injuries occurred during the incident. The rescuers carefully secured the python with the plan to return it to its natural environment, ending a nerve-wracking encounter on a positive note.

The family and rescue team are hopeful that the python, after being returned to its natural habitat, will stay there moving forward.

However, this is not an isolated incident in Thailand. Pythons have been known to appear in toilets, especially during the hot season when they are in search of cool, damp areas. Past incidents have been quite disturbing. In 2021, Southeast Asia saw a string of alarming episodes involving snakes in toilets. In one particular instance, an 8-foot-long python was extracted from a toilet after it bit a man on his behind.

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