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6-year-old boy goes missing in the woods —1 day later search rescuers see what’s lying next to him


When a child goes missing, it can be a very scary and overwhelming experience for parents.

They just want to protect and love their child, so when the child is gone, panic can quickly set in. This was the case for the parents of then six-year-old Kaydon Leach who disappeared in Tennessee on April 23 with his dog, Chula.

Authorities sprang into action and conducted a large-scale search with 100 people participating throughout the night. They used a variety of resources such as K-9 teams, a Black Hawk military helicopter, and volunteer search parties. The search was intense because of Kaydon’s young age and the need to ensure his safety.

Finally, after 22 hours of searching, Kaydon was found about a half-mile away from his home in the Top of the World Community in Blount County. The rescue was a big relief for everyone involved and especially for Kaydon’s family.

Although many people put in a great effort to find Kaydon, the real heroes of the story are not the police, fire department, or volunteers. It’s Kaydon’s loyal companion, Chula, a black and white terrier.

When Kaydon was missing for an entire night in the rain, Chula protected him and kept him safe until help arrived. The Blount County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Jeff French stated that when rescuers approached Kaydon, Chula even growled to protect him.

Through the dark and rainy night, Chula stayed by Kaydon’s side, showing how devoted he is to his master. Chula is truly a good dog!

When rescuers found Kaydon, he was feeling very chilly. They helped warm him up by covering him with jackets and carrying him up the mountain to safety. He was then taken to Blount Memorial Hospital for further care.

Kaydon’s family is very grateful for everyone who helped in the search effort. They wanted to express their gratitude to all the local law enforcement agencies and volunteers who worked tirelessly to find Kaydon.

They are also thankful for all the support they have received from friends and neighbors, even from people they don’t know. At this time, they are asking for privacy as they focus on Kaydon’s well-being.