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As soon as this mom left the table, her waitress slipped a note to her husband


People frequently criticize each other. Many of us have experienced being judged for what we say, do, wear, or look like.

Sadly, these judgments are usually expressed in a mean way. A few years ago, another judgment emerged. Women have been criticized for nursing their babies in public. However, this heartwarming story shows just how women can support and empower each other.

Waitress Gives Mom Free Pizza For Breastfeeding
Jackie Johnson Smith

Jackie Johnson Smith was 33 years old when she celebrated her birthday with her family. They had a pizza dinner at Fong’s Restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa. While they were eating, Jackie had to step away from the table because her youngest child was getting upset and she wanted to calm him down by breastfeeding him.

“I tried occupying him with various toys, but he wasn’t relaxing. So, I decided to nurse him. I grabbed a cover from my diaper bag, threw it on, and started nursing him,” Smith said.

She put a cover over herself and started nursing her son, but after making eye contact with the waitress, she felt self-conscious and decided to leave the booth to finish. Jackie explained that she’s had negative experiences with breastfeeding in public before and has even felt pressure to hide in the car to do it.


“We were in a corner of the restaurant where nobody could really see us, but when the waitress came over, she noticed me nursing and she gave me this look,” Jackie continued. “I immediately started stressing out.”

Waitress Gives Mom Free Pizza For Breastfeeding

Jackie and her husband were surprised when they received the bill at a restaurant. The waitress, Bodi Kinney, showed her husband a note on the receipt that said, “I bought one of your pizzas…please thank your wife for breastfeeding.” Bodi was impressed when she saw Jackie breastfeeding in the restaurant and wanted to show her support. She also was a nursing mother and understood the need for support.


Jackie was moved by the kind gesture and couldn’t stop reading the note. She said that breastfeeding is a personal choice and every mother should trust what is best for her family and children. This encounter was a positive affirmation for Jackie, who had been breastfeeding for five years.

Life can be tough for everyone at times. From health problems, losses, and stress to war, famine, and other difficult situations, we all face challenges. In the face of these larger issues, it seems unimportant to complain about mothers breastfeeding their babies. This story is a reminder of the kindness and compassion the world needs.

Instead of being critical, we should offer understanding and support to others who are facing their own difficulties. Breastfeeding is a natural part of life and mothers should not be criticized for providing nourishment to their children.

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