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Woman orders a custom aquarium for her cats, who enjoy watching the fish


Animals, like humans, have emotions that must be addressed. They sometimes express their attachment to nature in amazing ways!

It’s amazing what people will do for their pets. We love hearing about people who go out of their way to make their pets happy, especially in unusual and creative ways.

One family, for example, commissioned a custom-made fish tank—all so their pet cat could get a better look at the fish!

Melissa Krieger of Cincinnati has four cats who are completely enamored with her fish aquarium. Melissa said, “Every now and then, they’d all sit and watch fish.”

Jasper, her cat, enjoyed watching the fish swim by. So the owners devised a brilliant plan to get a new, custom tank so the cats could get a good look at the fish.

Melissa imagined a tank from which the cats could peer down. “I thought it’d be fun to make something like in children’s aquariums, where you stick your head up,” she explained.

After she pitched her idea to a local store called Aquatics & Exotics, they built a custom-made aquarium with a special viewing area for the cats.

The cats were perplexed at first, and it took a few weeks for them to begin using it. But when Jasper discovered he could stick his head up from the bottom to get a better look at the fish, the cats were hooked.

“When he looked up and saw the parrotfish staring back at him, his eyes just grew bigger.” “That’s what drew him in more,” Melissa explained. “It’s great to see how much they enjoy it.”

The cats’ reactions as they observed the fish in the unusual aquarium captivated thousands of viewers, and the video quickly went viral.

Melissa spent $2,500 on the 125-gallon tank, according to the Daily Mail, but she says it was well worth it.

“It’s great to see him so happy because you have to keep their minds stimulated.” “It was well worth the money,” Melissa said. “You would spend that much money on a television, and this is a television for cats.”

Jasper, who is leaving his dreams, comes running whenever the fish are fed outside of their regular watching time.

Some people wondered if the cats were bothering the fish, but Melissa says it hasn’t been a problem—primarily because the fish are used to them staring.

He doesn’t appear to irritate them. Melissa explained that some of those fish are older than Jasper. There has been a fish tank there for 15 years.

She honestly believes they either enjoy it or don’t care. This interaction has been going on for a long time. The fish, particularly the parrots (large orange ones), are extremely social with all the cats.

What a novel concept! Things that people do for their pets These cats appear to be enjoying themselves while watching the fish!

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