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A rescued owl makes an astonishing recovery after being shot with a BB gun and trapped in a manure pit


Raven Ridge Animal Centre in Pennsylvania shared a remarkable story of a Great Horned Owl’s journey back to health after a harrowing ordeal.

Rescued from a dire situation in a manure pit where it had been trapped for at least two days, the owl was discovered in a severely weakened state, dehydrated, and encased in dried manure, necessitating multiple baths for cleaning.

Tracie Young, a dedicated wildlife rehabilitator at the center, recounted the intensive care required for the bird’s recovery to The Dodo. She described the owl as “subdued” and “tired from struggling,” a reflection of the traumatic experience it endured.

Adding to the owl’s woes, a medical examination revealed severe eye trauma caused by a steel BB; an appalling act of cruelty that indicated the owl had been shot with a BB gun. This discovery pointed to illegal activity and underscored the challenges faced by wildlife due to human actions.

Despite the grim initial assessment, the team at Raven Ridge Animal Centre embarked on a meticulous rehabilitation process. “We had to wait for the blood in the eye to be absorbed by the body,” Young explained in a statement to People, highlighting the uncertainty of the owl’s ability to recover fully. The team administered fluids and nutrients through tube-feeding, alongside careful cleaning routines.

The owl, affectionately nicknamed “Stinky” due to the circumstances of his rescue, showed incredible fortitude throughout his recovery. Astonishingly, as his condition improved, it became clear that he had not suffered any permanent damage to his eye or vision. This turn of events led the rehabilitation team to rechristen him “Lucky.”

Lucky’s transformation has been nothing short of miraculous. Within a few weeks, his eye had completely healed, signaling a near-complete recovery. The Raven Ridge Animal Centre now looks forward to Lucky’s eventual release back into the wild, anticipated for the fall.

This inspiring story not only showcases the resilience of wildlife but also highlights the crucial role of wildlife rehabilitators and centers in rescuing and rehabilitating animals in distress. Lucky’s journey from a dire situation to a hopeful future is a testament to the compassion and dedication of those who work tirelessly to protect and preserve nature’s creatures.

The Raven Ridge Animal Centre and all involved in Lucky’s recovery deserve immense gratitude for their efforts. Stories like Lucky’s serve as a poignant reminder of the beauty and resilience of wildlife, and the importance of human kindness and intervention in ensuring their survival and well-being.