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Girl pretends to be dead on the street—the reason fills my heart with warmth


Amanda learned about Bear, a forsaken dog lost in the Evan’s Creek mountains, and quickly resolved to help. She teamed up with her friend Dylan to search for the unfortunate canine.

Despite their efforts to lure Bear with food and treats for more than an hour, Amanda and Dylan were unable to successfully convince the dog to approach them. Their initial plan, unfortunately, was not successful.

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On their return the following day, Amanda and Dylan found Bear in the same location. They attempted once more to persuade him to come closer, but their efforts were fruitless. Then, the girls came up with an innovative approach.

They decided that Amanda would pretend to be in distress by lying on the ground, appearing to need assistance. As planned, Amanda positioned herself in the area where they believed Bear to be, hoping to gain his trust.

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Two hours later, an event occurred that warmed the hearts of countless animal lovers. The story started when a driver noticed a frightened, undernourished dog at a campsite in Evans Creek, Washington State. The dog became aggressive when the driver attempted to approach it.

A few days afterward, a girl named Amanda heard about the stray dog, referred to as Bear, and decided to take action to help him.

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Amanda and her friend Dylan were determined to rescue Bear and bring him to an animal hospital. They attempted to entice him with treats, but the dog remained too wary to approach them.

In an unconventional move, Amanda lay down in a fetal position, pretending to be lifeless. This strategy appeared to work, as Bear slowly approached her. He sniffed at Amanda for 20 minutes before losing interest and wandering off.


Amanda remained persistent, and an hour later, Bear returned and sat beside her. Over the next couple of hours, she gained his trust, convincing him that she meant no harm.

Eventually, Bear followed Amanda to the car, and they drove to the veterinarian together. Thanks to Amanda and Dylan’s unwavering dedication, Bear received the care he desperately needed.

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The animal welfare organization, Lost & Found Pets in Washington, attempted to find Bear’s owner, but they were unsuccessful in their search.

Luckily, a family reached out and expressed their interest in adopting Bear, providing him with a caring and loving home.

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