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If you find a creature with ‘googly eyes’ in your backyard, here’s what it means


In a world that seems to have no secrets left, a simple backyard in Sydney, Australia, became the stage for a discovery that captured the imagination of people around the globe.

Thanks to the magic of the internet, we’re now able to share in the wonder of discoveries that, not so long ago, would have remained local mysteries.

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One Australian homeowner’s encounter with a peculiar creature has sparked curiosity and delight on social media. Imagine finding something so unusual in your backyard that your first thought is, “This can’t be real!” But, as it turns out, the world still has surprises in store for us.

The creature in question? A caterpillar with eyes so big and pink, they seem like something out of a cartoon, rather than a visitor from your garden. This isn’t a creature from a child’s imagination, though. It’s a real-life insect known as a hawkmoth caterpillar, found curled up against a hedge, looking for all the world like it had just dropped in from another planet.

The discovery prompted the homeowner to ask for help on Facebook: “Does anyone know what this strange little creature is?” The internet responded with a mix of amusement and awe. Some joked about the caterpillar’s appearance, while others expressed sheer wonder.

Credit / Facebook

Andrew Mitchell, an entomologist from the Australian Museum, provided some much-needed context to Yahoo News Australia. He explained that this type of hawkmoth caterpillar is not only common but also a fascinating example of nature’s ingenuity. Found primarily on vines, including grapevines, these caterpillars use their unusual appearance to protect themselves from predators, mimicking a snake when threatened.

But despite their fearsome appearance, these caterpillars are completely harmless. They don’t bite or sting, though they might release a green liquid if they feel disturbed. Their presence in gardens across certain parts of Australia, from the Kimberley region to Sydney, is a sign of the changing seasons, from late summer to early autumn.

So, if you’re in Australia and come across one of these “googly-eyed” wonders, there’s no need for alarm. They’re just another example of the incredible diversity of life that shares our planet, sometimes showing up where we least expect it.

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