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Maria’s in her last moments—but then her caregiver pulls out a surprise from his pocket and makes her final dream come true


Imagine a world where the end of life is as beautiful as the beginning. That’s the story of Maria, who taught the beauty of music through her life as a singing and piano teacher.

As she spent her last days in a care home in Austinburg, Ohio, Maria wasn’t alone. She had her memories, her music, and a special connection that was about to bring a touch of magic to her final days.

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Getting older can be tough. Some folks are scared of the day they might not remember the names of their own kids or need help with simple things like going to the bathroom. Maria had those fears too, but she found comfort in the familiar strains of music that had been her life’s work.

In a twist of fate, one of Maria’s former students, Joshua Woodard, now worked in the very care facility she called home. Joshua had learned his do-re-mis from Maria since he was a tiny 9-year-old. Their bond through music was special and had lasted through the years.

Maria had one simple, yet profound wish: to hear her favorite hymn, “How Great Thou Art,” one more time. Joshua, who remembered his teacher’s lessons and knew what music meant to her, was ready to grant that wish. With the lyrics on his phone, he sang with all the warmth and feeling he could muster, filling Maria’s room with the notes and words that had meant so much to her over the years.

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Even sweeter was the bond they shared, a student and his teacher, reunited in such a poignant moment. Marti Adkins Redmond, speaking with admiration, said, “Hospice workers are angels, but this hospice aide is special.” Joshua, who once sat at the piano with little hands, was now the one bringing comfort through song to his beloved teacher.

This beautiful moment was captured on video by Maria’s sister-in-law, ensuring that the emotional performance could be shared and remembered. Maria may have taken her final bow, but her legacy lives on in those she taught and touched with her music.

This story isn’t just about Maria, though. It’s a tribute to all the compassionate individuals who work tirelessly in hospices and care homes, bringing comfort and dignity to the final days of our elderly loved ones. When the video of Joshua singing made its way to Facebook, it wasn’t just Maria’s voice that echoed through the hearts of those who watched; it was the collective appreciation for every kind soul that makes the last journey of our loved ones a little less lonely.

So let’s share Maria’s story, not just to remember her and the joy she brought into this world with her music, but to honor the unsung heroes in care homes across the world. Their daily acts of kindness create a symphony of goodwill that resonates beyond words, beyond music, touching the soul.