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Meet Ahmed who has participated in over 30 trips around the world


Traveling can be enjoyable, but going on more than 30 trips is incredible. When you travel, you satisfy your curiosity and create memories.

Ahmed El Sherif is a 71-year-old Egyptian citizen who has traveled to 32 different places and has a strong desire to travel the world. His love of travel began in college, and now that he is retired, he travels as a man on vacation.

He prefers group travel.

In 2011, he visited Vietnam and Cambodia. He enjoyed the trip because he met new people and made new friends, which is why he travels.

In his adventure, he says that there are countries that are too sweet to travel to more than once. He talks about destinations like China or Thailand, places he explains have a lot to see. He has gone to the two countries at least five times and has experienced and learned a lot.

He has also traveled to the Philippines, Kenya, South Korea, Costa Rica, Japan, and not to forget his home country, Egypt.

He traveled to Croatia when the COVID-19 lockdown was over and the borders reopened. Ahmed says he was eager to get back on the road and get his passport stamped. His next trip will be to the Netherlands next summer, and he is very excited about it.

Exploring Philippines with new buddiese

“Why not travel?” he asks, encouraging those who want to travel to do so. It is an opportunity to see new things, learn, eat good food, and meet new people.

“If you want to travel around the world, I say go for it!” says Ahmed.

Ahmed encourages people to travel in order to relieve life’s tensions, and he believes that we should make the most of every minute we have.

Please travel the world if you have the time and resources.