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My daughter was always sad after school—her reason led me to divorce my husband


Dani and Nathan’s story began like a fairy tale. They met in high school and felt an instant connection, believing they were meant for each other.

After dating for a few years, they married and soon welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Ellie into their lives. However, two years into their marriage, Nathan’s behavior began to change in ways that Dani couldn’t understand.

Nathan started criticizing Dani’s appearance, saying she had “let herself go” and accusing her of not being the best mother to Ellie, despite Dani’s efforts to balance work from home and time with their daughter. This constant criticism took a toll on Dani, who tried her best to please Nathan, but nothing seemed to satisfy him.

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As their marriage seemed to crumble, Dani felt she had no choice but to let things take their course, as she couldn’t fight against something that seemed to exist only in Nathan’s mind. When Nathan announced a job opportunity that required them to move to a new city, Dani agreed, hoping it might bring a positive change to their strained relationship.

In the new city, Ellie started attending a new school. However, Dani soon noticed that Ellie was coming home upset and even found her crying in her room one day. When asked, Ellie tearfully said she didn’t want her teacher, Miss Allen, to be her mother. Dani was shocked to learn that Nathan was having an affair with Ellie’s teacher, who had even suggested she could be a better mom to Ellie.

“Yesterday, when Dad picked me from school, Miss Allen told me to wait by the door while she spoke to Dad. I didn’t hear everything, but I did hear her saying that she’ll be a better mom to me… Dad laughed when she said that.”

That evening, Dani confronted Nathan. He confessed to the affair with Miss Allen and revealed that he had also been involved with another woman in their previous town, which was why he decided to move. Dani realized their marriage was over.

In the days that followed, Dani moved Ellie to another school to protect her from being caught in the middle of her father’s affairs. She filed for divorce and moved to a new house, ensuring that Nathan could still visit Ellie.

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