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Neighbors labrador attacked a 5-year-old child—and in response the family’s pit bull broke a rule


It is a common belief that pit bulls are aggressive and pose a danger to people. However, this is only true if they are not treated properly by their owners. This applies to all dog breeds, as their behavior depends on how well they are raised and whether they feel secure.

It is important to understand that no dog is born aggressive or evil. It all comes down to their upbringing and how they are treated by their owner.

While some people may have differing opinions about pit bulls, there is no denying that one pit bull has proven to be a true hero.

A five-year-old girl named Remayah Hernandez was riding her bike with her sister when she came across her neighbor’s Labrador named Tank. Remayah, who loves dogs, wanted to pet Tank but unfortunately, he attacked her by biting her face. Remayah screamed for help, which not only alerted her mother but also their family dog Trigger, a pit bull.

Trigger, who was in the family’s backyard, broke out of the yard and jumped over the fence to help Remayah. He attacked Tank and defended Remayah, causing Tank to be injured. The incident ended with Remayah in tears and blood due to the attack, but Trigger proved to be a loyal and brave companion by coming to her rescue.

When a pit bull attacks another dog, it can often lead to tragedy due to the breed’s reputation. However, in a recent incident, a pit bull named Trigger acted heroically.

After the attack, Tank, the offending dog, was taken into animal control and ultimately euthanized. The victim, a young girl, was taken to the hospital for treatment and required plastic surgery for her injuries, which depleted the family’s savings meant for a trip to Disney World.

To help the family afford the medical costs and still fulfill their daughter’s dream of going to Disney World, an online campaign was started, which successfully raised $1000. Thanks to the kindness of strangers, Remayah’s wish came true, and she was able to go to Disney World.

The little girl was very scared after the attack, but she was especially grateful for her hero’s actions. She now calls him her “superhero” because he was there for her when she needed help.

The dog’s owner was not home at the time of the incident, and it is still unclear how the Labrador got out of the house and into the neighborhood. When the owner learned what had happened, he was surprised and thought that there must be more to the story. Although he believed his dog was innocent, he was glad to hear that the little girl next door was okay. Everyone was relieved that the little girl recovered quickly after the terrible attack.

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