Thursday, December 13, 2018
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This Is How People With Anxiety Show Their Love.

At first they will love with anticipation. They will commit with a fear that the metaphorical “other shoe” may drop at any moment. This isn’t

Husband Suffers Amnesia and Loses 20 Years of His Memory, 5 Years Later He Falls in Love With His

Wayne and Sharleen Meyers got married in 2004 and had four children together. Wayne had a special bond with his children but on January

Little Girl Gets A Winning Lottery Ticket and Spends All The Money To Feed the Homeless.

Phoebe Brown, a 7 year old girl, picked a discarded lottery ticket in the parking lot of a grocery store. She instantly knew that

Doctors Baffled to Find Miniature Brain and Skull Inside a Tumor on The Ovary Of a Young Girl During

A sixteen year old girl went into surgery to have her appendix removed only to find a miniature brain growing inside a tumor on

Tragic Last Selfie: The Thrill of Snapping A Railway Selfie Cost Them Their Lives.

They never saw it coming. Three teen girls seeking a thrill excitedly snapped a group photo standing on the tracks next to a passing

15 Signs You and Your Significant Other May Need Couples Therapy.

1. You stop talking to each other Most problems come from a lack of communication and misunderstanding. Communication breakdowns are hard to bounce back from,

Pregnant Waitress in Need of Financial Help Left in Tears When She Sees $900 Tip Left By Customer.

By the time most mothers to be hit the ninth month mark, most are barely ever on their feet, and most probably on leave

Woman Who Lost Child From Ectopic Pregnancy is Stunned to be Told Months Later She’s STILL Pregnant With Its

Sadie Brittle and her husband lost their baby to an ectopic pregnancy, the baby had already fully developed for 8 weeks in one of

Homeless Man Who Returned $4,000 Engagement Ring to Woman Gifted $180,000 by People Moved by His Story.

Homeless man,Billy Ray Harris, lived under a bridge in Kansas City. One day in 2013 his life took a complete turn around when a

Divine Intervention Saves Baby Born With 90% Chance Of Death.

Nick and Brooklyn Schnarr were expecting a baby and even before their unborn son came into the world, doctors informed the couple that their

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