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Pit bull grabs baby by diaper and starts to pull her—shortly after the family realizes why she’s a hero


In 2018, a California mother, Latana Chai, faced a devastating event while at home with her seven-month-old daughter, Masailah. At the time, the baby was roughly the same size as the family’s eight-month-old pit bull, Sasha.

On the night of June 3, Chai was startled when she heard Sasha barking loudly and scratching the backyard door. The intensity of the dog’s barks caused her concern, as this behavior was unusual for the normally gentle pet. Chai sensed that something was amiss and knew she needed to take action.


Latana opened the door to investigate Sasha’s barking and discovered black smoke and flames emerging from the neighboring house. The fire was rapidly spreading towards her own home, according to KTVU. Sasha’s subsequent actions have been praised by animal lovers worldwide.

Sasha the pit bull demonstrated her love and affection by saving her family from a potential tragedy. Her heroic actions serve as an example of the positive qualities that pit bulls can possess.

Latana rushed upstairs to get Masailah, only to find that Sasha had already taken action. She was amazed to see the family pit bull gripping the baby’s diaper and pulling her to safety.


With Sasha’s help, Latana was able to get everyone safely outside. If not for Sasha’s timely warning, the family could have been trapped in the fire.

Sasha and Masailah have shared a special bond since Masailah’s birth, demonstrating the deep connection between the two. Despite the common misconception that pit bulls are inherently aggressive fighting dogs, many possess gentle and loving qualities.

This heartwarming story highlights that pit bulls can be excellent family pets, emphasizing the importance of responsible ownership in raising well-behaved dogs. With proper care and training, pit bulls, like Sasha, can showcase their inherent kindness and loyalty.