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She was 34 and a seasoned driver, but one fateful day changed it all

Courtney Ann Sanford, a 34-year-old experienced driver, tragically died in a car accident caused by distracted driving. While driving, she listened to Pharrell Williams'...

82 and still rocking—Paul McCartney’s dramatic evolution over the years

Paul McCartney, who recently celebrated his birthday in June, has had a remarkable career spanning nearly seven decades. He first gained fame in 1961...

Prince Harry reveals what it was like growing up as a royal

Prince Harry's tumultuous journey from his royal roots to his current life in California is marked by personal struggles and a quest for identity,...

Update on lost submarine—pieces found on sea bottom near Titanic as sub runs out of air

The Coast Guard has made a significant announcement regarding the case of the missing submersible, stating that a field of debris has been discovered...

Selfless teacher gives kidney to student—leaves the student’s family overwhelmed with gratitude

Roman McCormick, a teenager, has already experienced a lot of health problems in his short life. He was born with a very uncommon sickness...