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Pat Sajak’s final ‘Wheel of Fortune’ episode has a scheduled airdate

After 43 years of bringing fun and excitement to living rooms across America, Pat Sajak, the beloved host of "Wheel of Fortune," is retiring....

Evidence from Noah’s ark site in Turkey suggests human activity from Biblical Times

In a fascinating discovery with possible biblical implications, scientists are investigating a site in the eastern mountains of Turkey that might be where Noah’s...

Spoiled daughter refuses to help her exhausted single mom, but soon learns a valuable lesson.

Being a single parent is tough. They have to manage finances, work multiple jobs, do household chores, and raise their children, all on their...

If you find this hanging from your home’s after this is what it means

In an age where technology and modern gadgets reign supreme, stumbling upon a relic from the past can be a delightful journey into nostalgia. Such...

The Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed in seconds when a cargo ship crashed into a pillar

In a tragic incident in Baltimore, Maryland, the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed early Tuesday morning following a collision with a cargo ship, prompting...