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Newly married man asks his wife to pass a family treasure to her stepdaughter, not her own child

A woman faced a tough choice when her new husband suggested giving a cherished family heirloom, an emerald necklace, to his daughter instead of...

Woman spends 5 hours a day in the kitchen—says it’s her duty to simplify her husband’s life

Over the past century, the roles of women in the workplace have dramatically changed, with millions of women now part of the workforce and...

Woman sparks mixed reactions by sharing she only showers twice a week

A woman named Allison has sparked an online debate after revealing she only showers twice a week, a routine shared by some celebrities like...

Ryan Seacrest to leave ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’ after six seasons as co-host

On Thursday morning during the East Coast broadcast of Live with Kelly and Ryan, Ryan Seacrest shared a “bittersweet” announcement. The popular media personality stated...

Man plans to end his life but stops after seeing what his dog is holding

Dogs are often considered to be the most loyal and loving friends anyone can have. This statement holds true for 25-year-old Byron from Gloucester,...