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Woman under fire after calling out other women who go out without makeup

A TikToker named Sabrina Ali sparked an online discussion when she shared her views on women not wearing makeup to specific events. In her...

Airline launches ‘adults-only’ section to offer peaceful traveling experience for travelers

We've all experienced it: settling into a long flight only to be disturbed by a loud child or constant seat-kicking from behind. While some...

Mother and son respond to critics after a video of them together goes viral

A mother named Amber Wright and her son, Brixton, have expressed their disappointment over negative online comments about a video of them. The video...

Mother discovers insect bite after son becomes paralyzed

Ticks are more active in warm climates throughout the year, and in colder regions, their activity increases during summer months, typically from April to...

Clever daughter calls 911 and faked ordering pizza to save her mother

One woman’s quick thinking helped save her mother from a terrible situation, and she kept herself safe by pretending to order pizza while calling...