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Fans pray for Oprah Winfrey, 70, after she is hospitalized

Oprah Winfrey recently faced a health scare that kept her from appearing on CBS Mornings to announce her latest book club pick. Over the...

Childhood bully asks violinist to play at her wedding for free, gets surprising response

Tiffany Moore, an accomplished violinist with nearly two decades of experience, recently shared a powerful story of confronting her childhood bully. The woman who once...

Donny Osmond shares heartfelt farewell to family, posts sweet photo with grandkids on Instagram

The Osmond brothers' rise to fame in the 1970s created a wave of excitement known as "Osmondmania." Among them, Donny Osmond stood out, charming...

“We want a family,”— 3 young brothers who are desperately hoping to be adopted by the same family

I have been blessed to have grown up in a nurturing environment with both of my parents present throughout my childhood and a safe...

Sheryl Crow criticizes Jason Aldean’s contentious new song, claiming ‘it’s un-American’

Sheryl Crow, the celebrated singer-songwriter, has recently voiced her discontent about Jason Aldean's contentious new track that has been under scrutiny over the past...