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Michael Strahan shares a sad update about his daughter’s fight with cancer

In a deeply moving revelation, Michael Strahan, the beloved 52-year-old host of Good Morning America, shared the distressing news about his daughter Isabella's ongoing...

Flight attendant shares a ‘scary’ explanation for why they sit on their hands during take-off and landing

In a revealing TikTok post that caught the attention of many, Henny Lim, a dedicated flight attendant working for Cebu Pacific Airlines in the...

Woman lets her ‘husband’s’ lover believe he is wealthy—the outcome leaves everyone shocked

In a tale that reads more like a screenplay than a slice of real life, a woman's discovery of her partner's infidelity and deceit...

Ryan Seacrest to leave ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’ after six seasons as co-host

On Thursday morning during the East Coast broadcast of Live with Kelly and Ryan, Ryan Seacrest shared a “bittersweet” announcement. The popular media personality stated...

Teen learns to sew to make dream prom dress for date who couldn’t buy it

Prom night is a magical time for many high school students. It's a night filled with excitement and joy, where dressing up and feeling...