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Kate Middleton might go to events while undergoing cancer treatments, according to a royal expert

In January, after her abdominal surgery, the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, faced a surprising twist with a cancer diagnosis confirmed in February. Although initially...

Little girl receives a life-saving kidney transplant from her dad

In New Jersey, a family faced a heartbreaking challenge when their son Nathaniel passed away just 36 hours after birth due to a rare...

Woman spends 5 hours a day in the kitchen—says it’s her duty to simplify her husband’s life

Over the past century, the roles of women in the workplace have dramatically changed, with millions of women now part of the workforce and...

Chubby Checker and beauty queen Catharina Lodders—57 years of love beyond color

Chubby Checker, an American rock and roll icon, has been wowing audiences for 80 years. He's most famous for introducing dances like the Twist...

Woman’s funny note to her pad company goes viral again – she shows them what periods are really like

Fourteen years after Wendi Aarons wrote a humorous letter to Proctor & Gamble about their maxi pads, it was featured at Letters Live in...