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Simple puzzle reveals how bad many people are at math

Waking up your brain can be as easy and fun as solving a tricky puzzle. One such puzzle that's catching everyone's attention involves counting...

Curious mouse found unconscious on its back after eating cannabis leaves

In a charming story from New Brunswick, Canada, where cannabis is legal, a little mouse turned into quite the sensation. Farmers often worry about creatures...

King Charles “denied” to take a photo with Prince Harry, and a royal biographer explains why

In the world of British royalty, the relationship between King Charles III and his son Prince Harry has been capturing headlines. Recently, a new twist...

Pope Francis’ health ‘progressively improving’ after being rushed to the hospital with difficulty breathing

Pope Francis is recovering nicely after being taken to the hospital on Wednesday due to breathing difficulties. On Thursday, Matteo Bruni, the director of...

Meet 10-year-old Tessa Evans who was born without a nose and check out her new look — she’s loving it

On February 14th, 2013, a little girl named Tessa Evans came into the world in a town called Maghera in Ireland, and her story...