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Waitress receives no tip on a $187 bill, captures attention with her response on Facebook

Imagine having a job where you're on your feet all day, smiling at customers, and making sure they're happy. Now, picture that job as a...

People are surprised after a McDonald’s worker reveals how the chain prepares scrambled eggs

McDonald's has captured the spotlight with a TikTok video that reveals the making of their scrambled eggs, surprising customers with the freshness of their...

Teacher takes down U.S. flag in classroom, has students pledge allegiance to pride flag instead

In a surprising turn of events at a school in California, a teacher found herself in hot water after sharing videos that didn’t sit...

Girl who was abandoned by parents for her looks wants to prove the world wrong—now she models for Vogue

It is important to have parents around during childhood as it provides a sense of safety. Growing up without parental presence or being abandoned...

Heartbreaking fact comes to light about Matthew Perry’s funeral—and it has everyone talking

The world has recently had to say a hard goodbye to one of its brightest stars, Matthew Perry. Known to many as the quick-witted...