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Dad covered in tattoos undergoes transformation for his young daughter

Ethan Bramble, a man from Australia, is known around the world because he transformed his body in a way that most of us would...

Jennifer Garner is ‘proud to show off’ her boyfriend, who you might recognize

After her public split from Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner has found happiness with businessman John Miller, far from the flashing cameras that follow her...

If you find a roll of toilet paper in your fridge—this is what it means

The internet is a treasure trove of useful tips and tricks for everyday problems, one of which might just change the way you deal...

Big news in search for lost titanic sub—sounds heard every half hour

Everyone around the globe is anxiously waiting for news about the Titan submersible. This underwater vehicle was on a mission to explore the Titanic...

Unemployed Dad with noticeable face tattoo pleads for work on Facebook after months of unsuccessful job hunting

In a heartwarming story that shows just how powerful kindness and social media can be, a young man from New Zealand named Mark Cropp...