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Woman under fire after calling out other women who go out without makeup

A TikToker named Sabrina Ali sparked an online discussion when she shared her views on women not wearing makeup to specific events. In her...

From ‘Silver Spoons’ to now—fans worried about Ricky Schroder’s latest look

Ricky Schroder, a famous child actor known for his roles in movies like "The Champ" and the TV show "Silver Spoons," was once adored...

Meet Tomm Tennent—the baby born with the skin of a five-year-old

Tomm was born with so much extra skin that he looked like a 5-year-old even though he was just a baby. His dad, Geoff...

11-year-old refugee who lost his LEGOs while fleeing Ukraine is showered with sweetest gifts

Civil wars or wars between countries always put everyone at bay. Children suffer the most because, first, they are very helpless and, second, they...

Doctors make a significant discovery after a pastor donates a kidney to a man he just met

It's incredible how when all hope seems lost, God shows up and does the unthinkable. Divine intervention or fate has a way of bringing...