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Flight attendant shares a ‘scary’ explanation for why they sit on their hands during take-off and landing

In a revealing TikTok post that caught the attention of many, Henny Lim, a dedicated flight attendant working for Cebu Pacific Airlines in the...

The real reason why you are tired all the time

Are you feeling constantly drained and wondering why? Fatigue is a common issue many people face, and it can stem from various factors. Understanding...

Gary Sinise is ‘heartbroken’ over the unexpected passing of his 33-year-old son

In a touching and deeply personal revelation, actor Gary Sinise shared the sorrowful news of his son, McCanna Anthony “Mac” Sinise's passing, at the...

Beyoncé faces criticism for her 12-year-old daughter’s dress—fans saying it’s ‘not age appropriate’.

At the recent Grammy Awards held on Sunday, February 4, young Blue Ivy Carter, just 12 years old, captured everyone's attention. She's the daughter...

Young girl sings ‘You are my sunshine’ to her dying cat—filled with emotion

In the world of pet owners, the bond between a human and their furry friend is often indescribable. Pets, though not human, fill our lives...