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11-year-old Texas girl missing after she didn’t get on the school bus—her things were found near a lake

In the small town of Polk County, Texas, a community has been shaken by the mysterious disappearance of 11-year-old Audrii Cunningham, a local girl...

Couple shocked when neighbor refuses to take their kids at 3am

In a bustling apartment complex, where young families often exchange favors and children's laughter fills the courtyard, a recent incident has sparked a debate...

Mother abandons baby due to his head shape – four years later, someone knocks on the orphanage door

In the quaint town of Krematorsk, eastern Ukraine, a young boy named Dima Kalekin began his life journey under challenging circumstances. Born with hydrocephalus, commonly...

A woman who ‘married’ a ragdoll now has kids with it and says life with children is complicated

Love can be found in the most unexpected ways, and 37-year-old Meirivone Rocha Moraes from Brazil is a perfect example of this. Her love...

Woman’s funny note to her pad company goes viral again – she shows them what periods are really like

Fourteen years after Wendi Aarons wrote a humorous letter to Proctor & Gamble about their maxi pads, it was featured at Letters Live in...