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Mom of rare Down syndrome twins demonstrates how lovely and priceless they are by shutting down critics

The likelihood of having twins has really increased over time, but it remains quite uncommon. Around 33 in every 1,000 births result in twins....

Woman with 7-stone leg proudly displays it despite endless Internet ridicule

Negative perceptions about body image and fat shaming are prevalent issues affecting societies worldwide. Educating young people is a crucial step in combating these...

Video of adopted baby with Down syndrome smiling for her new mom goes viral

Babies with big smiles can make us feel good inside. A video shared by the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network became very popular on...

Young boy who went viral while battling cancer gets all clear and is back in school

Unfortunately, cancer is a health problem that a lot of people may have to face in their lifetime. Even if we don't experience it...

2-Year-Old Orders 31 Cheeseburgers With His Mother’s Phone

A 2-year-old from Kingsville, Texas decided to order thirty-one burgers from DoorDash. Barrett Golden placed a huge order of burgers from DoorDash using her...