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Malia Obama, 25, introduces a new name as she starts her career in Hollywood

Malia Obama, the daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama, the former President and First Lady of the United States, is charting her own course...

Amy Grant, 63, talks about the ongoing difficulties she’s dealing with following her serious bike accident

In a heartfelt conversation with E! News, the renowned singer-songwriter Amy Grant shared her ongoing challenges following a severe bike accident in July 2022. At...

Flight attendant shares a ‘scary’ explanation for why they sit on their hands during take-off and landing

In a revealing TikTok post that caught the attention of many, Henny Lim, a dedicated flight attendant working for Cebu Pacific Airlines in the...

10-years-old boy released by kidnapper after repeatedly singing “Every Praise” by Hezekiah Walker

A young boy from Atlanta managed to escape a kidnapper in the most unlikely manner after he repeatedly sang "Every Praise," a song by...

Mom gets upset with animal lovers, says calling pets “fur babies” is an insult to moms

A mother of three has sparked controversy by saying that referring to pets as "fur babies" is disrespectful to mothers. This term, which the...