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Meet Tomm Tennent—the baby born with the skin of a five-year-old

Tomm was born with so much extra skin that he looked like a 5-year-old even though he was just a baby. His dad, Geoff...

70-year-old widow’s search for love goes viral with newspaper ad

Jumping back into dating can feel weird, especially if you've been out of the game for a while. It's key to be open-minded and...

Airline launches ‘adults-only’ section to offer peaceful traveling experience for travelers

We've all experienced it: settling into a long flight only to be disturbed by a loud child or constant seat-kicking from behind. While some...

Diane Cade—A three-time cancer survivor, tells her story

According to healthresearchfunding.org, hairy cell leukemia affects 52,380 people in the United States. This condition affects 22,288 women in the United States. Hairy cell...

Mother warns about children’s swimwear before the summer season

As summer approaches, a mother from Florida, Nikki Scarnati, has gone viral on TikTok, urging parents to think carefully about the color of their...