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Teen daughter rejects mother for her cheating father—years later she comes back begging


A woman’s life story, which she shared on Reddit, is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. She married a rich man, thinking he was a great addition to her family.

He was kind to her family, giving her parents expensive presents, paying her sister’s credit card bills, and even getting her brother a good job. Her husband’s family liked him a lot, even though he was not always faithful to her.

After their child, Kelly, was born, the woman found out her husband was cheating. She was very upset and thought about leaving him. Her family told her to stay, so she did. She thought it was her fault he cheated because she wasn’t a perfect wife when she was pregnant.

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Years later, when Kelly was about 12, her husband cheated again. The woman wanted a divorce, but her family and his family didn’t want any scandals. She got a divorce, but it was tough. She lost custody of Kelly but got some money and alimony. Sadly, her family and her ex-husband’s family made Kelly think her mom was bad.

During this tough time, the woman’s best friend, Tina, was a big help. She was always there for her. The woman tried to fix things with Kelly. She even offered to pay for Kelly’s graduate school, but Kelly had to give up being her main heir.

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Life changed a lot after that. Kelly went to school for accounting and got a good job. The woman’s ex-husband lost his job and money, including what he had for Kelly’s school. Kelly started talking to her mom again, but the mom wondered if it was just because of money problems.

The mom decided to help with Kelly’s school costs, but Kelly still couldn’t be the main heir. The main heir was the mom’s goddaughter, Laura, who was like a daughter to her. This choice caused a lot of arguments in the family. People can’t agree if the mom was right to choose Laura over Kelly, who only came back when she needed money.

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