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Woman delivers pizza to old trailer for years—she finally looks inside and makes a surprising find


At times, individuals enter our lives, and it takes a while to realize their importance. Lee Haase experienced this with a woman named Angela Nguyen.

Angela, a Domino’s employee, has made countless pizza deliveries throughout her career. Among her many regular customers, Lee stands out as someone who didn’t initially realize the impact Angela had on his life.


Lee had a routine of ordering pizza every Saturday, and Angela consistently brought it to him. However, one Saturday, his orders suddenly ceased.

Worried about Lee, Angela decided to visit his home to check on him. Upon arrival, she discovered that a severe storm had severely damaged his house, leaving him unable to afford repairs. Additionally, Lee was grieving the loss of his son, who had tragically died in a snowmobile accident.

Feeling downhearted and financially strained, Lee relocated to a modest trailer. When Angela’s daughter Sarah, who also worked as a pizza delivery person, discovered Lee’s whereabouts, she informed her mother about his dire living conditions.


Lee’s trailer lacked basic amenities such as heating, water, sewage disposal, and electricity, making his situation even more challenging.

Angela was deeply moved by Lee’s circumstances and decided to take action, rather than just sympathizing with him. She firmly believed that no one should live in such conditions.

As a first step, Angela purchased a heater to provide some comfort in Lee’s trailer. To further assist him, she initiated a crowdfunding campaign, which attracted numerous donations as more people learned about Lee’s distressing situation.


Within a mere two months, the crowdfunding effort raised $32,360, which was sufficient to purchase a new mobile home for Lee. Angela acknowledged that this feat would not have been possible without the assistance and generosity of the local community and many kindhearted strangers.

Angela emphasized that everyone involved in the initiative derived immense satisfaction from their acts of kindness. The life-changing gesture not only improved Lee’s situation but also positively impacted all those who contributed.

Angela’s timely entrance into Lee’s life and her compassionate actions were exactly what he required. Her efforts helped Lee regain control of his life, something he will always be thankful for.

In a world often filled with conflict, natural disasters, and other tragedies, stories like this offer a glimmer of hope. They demonstrate the inherent goodness within people and the potential to use our resources to assist those in need. Angela serves as a shining example of how we can break the cycle of misfortune for those less privileged than ourselves.

Sharing stories like this can inspire others to extend a helping hand to those in need, spreading kindness and compassion throughout the world.