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A dying woman says her final goodbyes to her parrot—the bird’s immediate response makes me cry


Losing our best friend is very hard, whether we expect it or not. It’s not just humans who feel sad when someone close to them dies, animals can also feel sad.

Parrots are smart and emotional creatures that can feel deep sadness when they lose someone they love.

Sinbad, a parrot, had to go through this when his owner passed away after spending 25 years together.

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Parrots can feel sad when they lose a loved one, just like humans do. There are even medications available to help birds with depression.

A video was taken by the daughter of a woman who was very sick and close to passing away. Her parrot, Sinbad, was brought to her for a final visit. Sinbad showed how much he cared for his owner by staying close to her, and she let him know how much she loved him too. Watching the video might make you cry.

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The video shows how much Sinbad loves his owner and how much she loves him back. They share a strong bond that is difficult to describe in words. Watching this clip can make you emotional, and it helps us connect with other pet owners who understand the depth of our love for our furry friends.

It’s a heartwarming moment that anyone who has ever had a pet can relate to. You may want to share this video with your friends and loved ones. We hope that Sinbad continues to live a happy life, and we extend our condolences to his owner’s family.