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Actress shares heartbreaking news of experiencing a miscarriage during her Broadway performance


Laura Benanti, a renowned Tony Award-winning actress, has revealed a heartbreaking experience to her followers.

During a recent stage performance, she tragically suffered a miscarriage. Benanti shared the news through a heartfelt Instagram post.

The incident occurred on April 3rd while Benanti was performing for an audience of 2,000 people. She was participating in The Broadway Cruise at the time, which is a musical theater-themed cruise that travels from New York to Bermuda, showcasing ten prominent Broadway stars.


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“On Monday April 3rd, I performed on stage for 2000 people while having a miscarriage,” she wrote in a detailed caption on Instagram.

The actress opened up about her experience with pregnancy loss. She shared how the painful process began the night before, and acknowledged that if it had been her first or second loss, she might not have been able to continue. However, she is no stranger to the heartache and void that come with losing a pregnancy.

Benanti, who is already a mom to 6-year-old Ella and Louisa, born via surrogacy in July, has previously discussed her experiences with pregnancy loss. Her courage in addressing this sensitive issue helps to raise awareness and provide support for others going through similar experiences.

Pregnancy loss can often lead to feelings of isolation, but Benanti expressed gratitude for the support she received during this difficult period. She acknowledged the kindness and love she experienced from those around her, which helped her work through her emotions.

Benanti expressed appreciation to her husband, Patrick Brown, her in-laws, and everyone else who supported her during this vulnerable time. By sharing her experience, she hopes to remind others who have faced or will face similar losses that there is no shame in it, and that they are not alone.

“My husband and I are heartbroken but we will move through this together as we, and so many others, have done before. I share all of this, not to garner sympathy or attention, but to remind the many people and families who have and will suffer in this way that there is no shame in this kind of loss. That you are not alone. And to remind myself as well.”

Losing a pregnancy is a deeply private issue, but it affects numerous families. It is my wish that, in the future, people can discuss this topic as freely as they do other types of loss.

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