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An 82-year-old lonely widower helps his new neighbors, and they transform his life


Moving to a new place can be hard, especially with a big family. Sharaine Carabello, 32, her husband Wilson, 42, and their five children felt this when they left Texas for Pawtucket, Rhode Island. They were nervous about being the only Black family in their new neighborhood.

But something nice happened. Their 82-year-old neighbor, Paul Callahan, who had just lost his wife, became a good friend to them. He helped with fixing things around their house. He brought his tools and showed Wilson how to make their garage better.

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Paul, who used to work as a manager, felt happy with the Caraballo family. He started spending a lot of time with them. They invited him to family events, making him feel like part of their family. The kids loved Paul like a grandfather.

Sharaine shared how Paul is like a grandpa to them. Even her husband’s mom calls Paul their dad.

Paul does more than fix things. He plays with the kids, tells stories, and is like a real grandpa they call “Grandpa.”

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Paul believes in talking to people and making friends. He says being nice doesn’t cost anything and often brings good things.

The Carabellos opened their hearts to Paul, and they all became very close. They learned that family doesn’t only mean people related by blood. Friends can become family, giving love and support.

Thanks to each other, the Caraballos and Paul found more than just neighbors. They found new family members. Paul got a new sense of happiness, showing that sometimes people come into our lives just when we need them.

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