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Arnold Schwarzenegger shares photos of his adorable pet pig: meet Schnelly


Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famous actor from movies such as The Terminator and Predator, has shown his tender side by revealing his love for animals. Although he plays tough characters on screen, in real life, he has a big heart for his unique pets.

Recently, Schwarzenegger introduced his latest furry companion, a pet pig named Schnelly, to his fans on social media. The actor shared a picture on Instagram where he is seen holding his dog Cherry and his newly-adopted pig, displaying the affection he has for his animal friends.

Schwarzenegger shared his excitement about his growing family of pets, writing, “The family is growing.” In an interview with FOX 11 program The Issue Is, he revealed the inspiration behind the pig’s name. The German word “schnell” means “fast,” and when they first brought the pig home, it ran all over the property, making it difficult for them to catch.

His girlfriend suggested the name “Schnelly,” and the name stuck. Schwarzenegger happily reported that Schnelly no longer runs away and is now a fantastic addition to their family.

Schwarzenegger once had a pet pig named “Bacon,” inspired by his Batman & Robin co-star George Clooney, who owned a pet pig named Max. In a 2014 interview with the Columbus Dispatch, Schwarzenegger shared his admiration for Clooney’s fondness for pigs. However, he joked that he must have bought the wrong pig, as it quickly grew to 300 pounds and became difficult to lift.

Schwarzenegger’s collection of unique pets doesn’t stop with pigs. He also owns a donkey named Lulu, a miniature horse named Whiskey, and three dogs: Dutch, Schnitzel, and Cherry. His love for animals is evident in the diverse companions he shares his home with.

During the pandemic, Schwarzenegger posted videos of himself in quarantine with his animal friends, which quickly gained popularity online. The 75-year-old has had a diverse career, from being a bodybuilding champion and Hollywood superstar to serving as the Governor of California. However, he now finds great joy in simply caring for his animals.

In an interview with FOX 11, Schwarzenegger expressed his contentment with his current life balance. He enjoys feeding his animals in the morning and appreciates the diverse dynamics they bring to his daily routine.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s pet pig, Schnelly, is undeniably adorable! It’s evident that the actor has a deep affection for his animals, which brings joy to his life. Feel free to share this heartwarming story with others!